2023 Prom Makeup Trends Perfect for Us Brown Skin Girls

Consider your prom prep, activated.

By Naajia Shukri

As the saying goes, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. So, RIP to stressful prom prep because we’re comin’ through with a plan to flex all the way on ’em with the prom makeup trends below. The most important thing about crafting a fully-fledged prom look you feel good in? Repping your individual style to the fullest.

After securing the dress of your dreams, opt for a hairstyle that matches your vibe and the look of the dress. Braids and twists are always fire, and they stay intact through hours and hours of dancing and selfies. If you’re looking to incorporate your natural curls, a half-up, half-down hairstyle is an excellent combo of elegance and personality. Top that all off, of course, with the perfect prom glam aesthetic.

Go’n ahead and bookmark this prom makeup inspo for 2023 — and share with the besties, too! And, for even more prom vibes, subscribe in time to cop Sesi’s spring issue!

Multichrome Moment

Pop star Precious wearing a pink, fuzzy hat, pink top, and multichrome pink eye shadow.


Multichromatic makeup is having a moment rn — on your lips and your eyes. Metallic, multicolored, with rarely any visible glitter, these pigments can come as loose powder, pressed powder, gel, or liquid, and they appear to shift to different colors when the light catches them. Wear it as eye shadow alone, or start with a layer of matte color underneath. And for the lips? Guarantee yourself better staying power by swiping it on top of a long-wear lipstick you know won’t budge.

Bejeweled Baddie

Aria Brooks wearing whie jewels at the corner of her eyes. She's also wearing an off-the-shoulder, red dress and her read locs are in a bun with a Greek-style headband.


For a prom makeup look that’s anything but mid, add a few press-on rhinestones to your eye or brow space. Adhesive accents like tiny star stickers are also hella cute. Pair this look with a glittery silver or black dress, jumpsuit, or two-piece set.

Double Liner Diva

Storm Reid rocks pink and black double liner on her top eye lids.


We’ve all seen the graphic liner tutorials cropping up across Insta and TikTok, and we are here. for. them. Graphic liner is very forgiving because it’s water activated, meaning you can clean up any mistakes with a wet Q-tip and promptly get on with your life. If you’re looking for a teeny pop of color to go with this look, try the double eyeliner trend. Start with a black liner base followed by a stripe of bright color just above it — liners come in just about every color under the sun, so you won’t have any trouble finding a shade to match your prom ‘fit.

Under-Eye Empress

Willow Smith sports dark blue and light purple double undereye liner. She's wearing a white tank top and her head is bald.


Captivating and subtle all at the same time, this trend is giving editorial. It also draws attention to your unique eye shape. To achieve this look, smudge your favorite shadow or gel liner just under your bottom lashes. This reverse twist on a classic smokey eye will pair well with darker-toned dresses, even if you stick with just one color.

Soft Glam Glow

Lexi Underwood wears long, blonde braids with a soft glam look -- light foundation, light blush, eye liner, mascara, and the lip liner/lip gloss combo.


You can’t go wrong with a soft glam look — it’s a timeless classic that never fails to eat. Make no mistake: This is a full beat, but it’s more of a “your skin but better” look if you use just a little bit here and there. A tinted moisturizer or foundation of your choice coupled with a little bronzer and highlighter really makes this look come together. Top it off with that lip liner/gloss combo.


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