Why This BHM is Even More Lit Than the Last

Even though it’s all Black everything, 365 at Sesi HQ, we still can’t help but get extra hype come February One. And this year, the Black History Month fire is set to be all the way blazin’.

1) We’re reigniting the Movement.
On February 1, 1865, President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment into law, officially outlawing slavery. February 1, 1960, four NC A&T students (known as the Greensboro Four) sat down at a Woolworth’s counter in Greensboro, NC and ordered — but were refused service. Instead of leaving when told to, they sat in protest. Fast forward 57 years later, and we’re more unapologetically woke than ever, organizing to fight civil rights all over again.


2) We’re heating up the airwaves.
For starters, BET’s new HBCU-themed show, The Quad, jumps off tonight (Feb. 1) at 10 p.m. Unlike the similarly set A Different World, though, this series is bringing the drama — the L.A. Times  is even calling it “Shonda Lite” because of the clear influence from shows, such as Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, just not quite to the same level of crazy.  A little more than a week later, our screens will be overflowing with #blackgirlmagic and #blackboyjoy during the annual NAACP Image Awards.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter


3) We’re landing the hottest iconic roles.
Guess who’s coming to A&E’s final season of Bates Motel? Riri, y’all! And it appears that this prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie, Psycho, has finally caught up to the O.G. film, as Rihanna will play Marion Crane — you know, the girl who screams in the shower during that famous scene. Originally played by a white woman (Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis’s mom), this character reimagination is sure to be an intriguing one.

Photo: Cate Cameron/A&E Networks LLC © 2016
Photo: Cate Cameron/A&E Networks LLC © 2016

4) We’re slayed with surprise by Beyoncé — again!
Surprise announcements have become Bey’s standard mode of operation, but she gets us every time. Earlier this afternoon (Feb. 1), she let the world know that she’s expecting again, and this time the fam is growing by two! You know what this means: Sasha Fetus watch redux. This is not a drill. Congrats, Bey!!


What lit moment are you looking forward to this month?



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