Black History

Why This BHM is Even More Lit Than the Last

Even though it’s all Black everything, 365 at Sesi HQ, we still can’t help but get extra hype come February One. And this year, the Black History Month fire is set to be all the way blazin’. 1) We’re reigniting the Movement. On February 1, 1865, President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment into law, officially […]

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Beauty & Fashion

It’s Here: #FENTYxPUMA Hits Stores Today!

Rihanna has been racking up the wins these past few days: She was this year’s MTV Video Vanguard, Drake professed his love for her at the same VMAs, and today (September 6), her debut FENTYxPUMA collection is officially in stores! We’re talking high-top sneakers, wedge boots, drawstring tees, tearaway track jackets, and more — all […]

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Your Favorite Celebs Reimagined in Traditional African Dress = LIFE!

Ever wondered what Queen Bey would look like as African royalty or how fiercely Nicki Minaj could rock a headwrap and Kente-printed gown? Well, wonder no more — oh, and the answers to those questions? Bomb and bomb! Dennis Owusu-Ansah — the 26-year-old native Ghanaian who now lives in NYC — decided to reimagine celebs […]

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