Trump’s Immigration Ban Targets People of Color

Besides Donald Trump’s deluge of deceit, he’s also spent his first week in office signing a gang of executive orders, as if he’s a dictatorial king sitting in his high castle delivering edicts aplenty. The most recent order, a blatant attack on Muslims, specifically targets seven majority Muslim countries — all of which are home to people of color.

People from these countries — Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran — are now banned from immigrating to the U.S. The order also declared that the U.S. would not accept any refugees because “it would be detrimental to the interests of the United States,” and put hundreds of people in limbo, as it was signed while new immigrants, visitors, and green card holders, were either just arriving in the U.S. or were en route. This sparked thousands of citizens to show up to airports all over the country to protest the ban. Last night, in response to the protests, and more specifically to the ACLU’s request, a federal judge issued a nationwide, temporary emergency stay on all deportations resulting from this order.

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But, according to the New York Post, airport customs agents are straight up refusing to uphold the stay, and instead, are enforcing the ban.

Who else in history has targeted an entire religion and labeled them as dangerous? Hitler. And when was the last time the U.S. refused to let refugees in? World War II, as millions of Jews attempted to escape the same man. And we know how that turned out.

Want to know more about how you can resist this new administration? See below:

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