Feeling Hopeless? Here’s What You Can Do.

It’s hard not to feel hopeless when you’re constantly seeing murders of people who look like you unfolding in front of your eyes on social media and on TV. Sure, we know these atrocities have been going on for 400+ years, but now, we are more aware of just how often these things go down. And those graphic images … you just can’t unsee them. You can’t unhear a 4-year-old girl telling her mom, “It’s ok, I’m here with you,” after witnessing her own father killed in front of her.

It’s frustrating to know that you can’t literally stop these murders from happening. But, we’ve rounded up a few examples from some of your favorite celebrity activists — some of them teens like you — to get you started.

1) If you’re good with words…

Speak out — be it on social media, your blog, a spoken word event, whatever way works for you.

2) If you’re good at planning things…

Encourage others to action. Join the local chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement or organize a fundraiser with your church.


3) If fashion is your passion…

Invest in some woke wear and make your statement that way.


4) If you’d like to support in other ways…

Protest isn’t limited to marching in the streets. You can also protest with your dollars and choose to buy black whenever possible and donate to already established funds — no matter how small the amount may seem.

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