Delaware Teen Killed in High School Bathroom by Group of Bullies

Photo: Instagram

When 16-year-old Amy Inita Joyner-Francis went to school on Thursday, April 21, she had no idea she would never return home.

As reported by the local ABC news affiliate in Wilmington, Delaware, shortly after school started at Howard High School of Technology, around 8:15 a.m., a fight broke out in a girls’ bathroom — reportedly over a boy. However, two of Amy’s friends told Delaware Online that that wasn’t what went down at all. According to them, when they last spoke to Amy on Wednesday night, “Amy told them she was going into the bathroom on Thursday to ‘settle the beef.’ Though they did not elaborate about the dispute, they did say it did not involve boys.”

Kayla Wilson, a witness to the fight, told the ABC news affiliate, “[Amy] was fighting a girl and that’s when all these other girls started bankin’ her … And then, that’s when she hit her head on the sink.”

It’s also been said that rather than getting help for Amy, someone recorded the entire incident.

School was dismissed and Amy was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she later died. Police are questioning several girls in connection with the killing. Meanwhile, Amy’s friends — and others who never met her, but have been saddened by her senseless death — are taking to Twitter with the hashtag #RIPAmy.


Heavy reported that Amy was threatened with fighting a year ago and reiterated the fact that her friends said she went to the bathroom to “settle the beef.” This could indicate that Amy had been dealing with bullying for a while.

If you’re being bullied at school, don’t think you have to handle things all on your own. Check out these resources for help:

Note: If you’re being threatened with violence, get help from a person you trust immediately.

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  1. poor girl this made me cry D””’:#RIPAmy

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