Skai Jackson and Azealia Banks Just Got Into it on Twitter — No, For Real

It started long before Skai got caught up in the mix. Azealia Banks, infamous for her not-so-clean Twitter rants, started going ham on former One Direction member Zayn Malik, accusing him of plagiarizing her music video. The tweets included her calling him way out of his name and generally flooding people’s timelines with a whole lot of cursing.

Like everybody else scrolling through their trends Tuesday night, Skai Jackson saw what was going down and tweeted:


To which Azealia Banks responded:



Apparently the words “simmer down” are all it takes to set Azealia off — and that is not a good look. The whole thing really wasn’t that serious and the fact that Azealia is almost 25 and coming for a 14 year old who literally just said “simmer down a little 😶😂” — well, coming for a 14 year old at all — is a problem. 

She was unapologetically bullying Skai for one simple tweet, going so far as to degrade her body, her mother, and her career. Skai stood up for herself, though — without sinking to vulgarity, unlike Azealia. Skai has since deleted her responses.







There was way more to this back and forth, with Banks getting fouler and more vulgar with each send. Skai did end the night letting everyone know she’s cool and isn’t paying any more mind to the mess. (And, of course, Black Twitter got right back at it with the memes — all in a show of support for Skai.)

It’s really sad, though, that some people may see Banks’s actions and think that’s how to handle situations where people say things you may not like. It’s not. People who aren’t able to keep their anger in check can start beef on Twitter and carry it over into real life. We’ve seen it play out on reality show after reality show and even in schools — just last month, the long-term bullying of a Delaware teen led to her death.

True, you’ll meet plenty of haters along the way. That’s life. Brush ’em off and keep it movin’. Don’t let their negative energy anywhere near your #GoodVibesOnly. To paraphrase Bey, “Tell ’em girl, bye.”



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