Cocoa Swatches, a New Makeup App for Black Girls, is Here to Keep You Lookin’ Fleeky

When it comes to finding the perfect makeup to match your skin tone, the struggle is just too real. Not every pink lipstick will get your melanin poppin’ in the right way, some foundations will have you looking ashy, and what seems to be a bold gold eye shadow on one girl, may simply disappear on your lids. Unfortunately, you usually don’t find that out until you get home with your purchase and try it on for the first time.

And you’re just not ballin’ like that.

Now, there’s a FREE way to see how a shade will show up on a range of darker skin tones: the new beauty app, Cocoa Swatches. There are other makeup apps we like, too — like Plum Perfect — that let you upload your photo, so that they can send you makeup matches that will work for your skin tone, but it never hurts to have a few beauty apps in your arsenal. What makes Cocoa Swatches different? It was created specifically for darker skinned women and girls. You won’t upload your photo in this app, but you will see photos other Black girls of different shades rockin’ various lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, and more, so you’ll actually see what the product looks like on that skin tone.

Available on iPhone and Android, Cocoa Swatches initially began as an IG account, where creator, Offune, would share swatches of her own and of other Black beauty bloggers that highlighted how makeup products looked on the range of shades that Black girls come in.

“It’s no secret that the beauty world has a problem with diversity,” Offune wrote on her website. “In addition to darker complexions being underrepresented in advertisements, they are also often ignored in product development. It’s really infuriating when a new foundation or concealer comes out and there is only one dark shade meant to encompass all dark complexions.”

Don’t we know it.

Have you downloaded Cocoa Swatches yet? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below!



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