Jacob Latimore Makes Moves on the Dance Floor — and Your Heart — In His “Remember Me” Video

Jacob Latimore’s music video for “Remember Me” just dropped today, and on the real, it’s pretty deep. A little reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s video for “The Way You Make Me Feel” — like Michael, Jacob dances toward the girl he likes, she heads in the other direction, he dances toward her some more, and they ultimately end up together — “Remember Me” opens with an older couple sitting on their porch on what appears to be their 40th anniversary. The older man asks his wife if she remembers all the years they’ve spent together, but it seems like she may have Alzheimer’s. (We told you this was deep.)

Flashback to 1976 in Jacob’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we get to relive the night the couple from the porch first met — Jacob, of course, is playing the younger version of the man. It’s like we’re seeing what the older man is describing to his wife about that memory from back in the day, hoping that she will remember lovin’ him.

Basically, it’s every last feel you could ever have and then some.




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