The Shy Girl’s Guide to Flyin’ Solo at Prom

Ok, so maybe you didn’t work up the guts in time to ask bae and now he’s taking someone else. Or, maybe you don’t even have a crush right now at all. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to roll dolo on that special night — and here’s how you do it. BIG.

By India Hill

Show Up and Show Out
Let’s get one thing straight from jump: DO NOT skip the prom just because you don’t have a date! Prom will be one of the most memorable times of your life, and you won’t want to look back on it with regret because you didn’t go. Trust, just because a girl’s got a date on her arm doesn’t mean her night will automatically be better than yours.

Stack That Cash
A plus to going to prom with a date means you’ll have someone to buy your ticket and your dinner. While that’s all good and everything, resisting the urge to buy another pair of cute jeans and packing your lunch instead of buying from now until prom are just a couple of ways to help you save up for your own ticket. And your dress. And your hair appointment. And whatever else you need to make sure your prom look is like that.

Call On Your Crew
What could be better than getting all dressed up and looking fly for the biggest dance of the year? Doin’ it with your girlfriends, so you can conquer prom together! Even if all of your besties snagged a date, you can still round up another group of girls you’re cool with from class. Set up a pre-prom primping party — it’s the perfect way to bond and expand your social circle.

Find That Bomb Dress
Make a confident entrance — and a fierce fashion statement — by donning a gown that complements you the best. A long, form-fitting sequin dress to accentuate your waist? A pastel blue sweetheart dress to highlight your skin tone? Whatever you choose, know that you’ll be turning heads all. night. long.

Run for Prom Queen
What better way to take your mind off the fact that you don’t have a date than by refocusing your energies on winning the crown? It’s a step out of your comfort zone and a great way to add a little friendly fun and competition to the night.

Prepare to Hit the Floor
If you’re rollin’ with your girls, there’s a good chance that you’ll always have someone to dance with. But, if they’re not feelin’ a certain song or they just want to take a quick break, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on your jam. Besides, breakin’ it down by yourself also opens you up to some new dance partners you just might really hit it off with!

Get Your Grub On
A belly full of your favorite food at your favorite restaurant surrounded by your favorite friends is the best way to kick off the night. And don’t shy away from a fancy spot — you’re all dressed to kill, so do it big, split the check, and get your waiters to load up your camera with some of the first photos of the night.

Mingle, Already
If you see that (solo) cutie by the punch bowl and you’re still too shy to approach, at least catch his eye and smile. TBH, though, a shy-proof way to strike up a convo with said cutie, is to walk on over, hold out your empty cup, and ask him to fill it. He’s fixing his own, anyway!

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