Here’s What Happens When They Come for the Puff

Over the past few years, schools across the world have been coming for Black students over their natural hair. There was 7-year-old Tiana Parker, who was told her dreadlocks were “unnacceptable;” 12-year-old Vanessa VanDyke who was threatened with expulsion if she didn’t change her hair; a Toronto teen who was told that her hair was “too poofy” — the list could go on and on. And then, about a week ago, Tayjha Deleveaux, a student at CR Walker Senior High School in Nassau, Bahamas was suspended for unapologetically rockin’ her natural hair, too!

The school board claimed natural hair wasn’t the issue, but the principal, T. Nicola McKay — a Black woman — made it clear that it most definitely was. In an interview with a local news station, she said:

“The natural hair, what has been happening is that they simply wear a band around the hair and they leave the middle of the hair open up and it is very untidy, ungroomed, unkempt, and it looks like it would not have been combed for days and that is what we’re trying to curb.”

For real, tho? Can we live??

In response to the incident, students at the school began to tell teachers to support the puff — and it stuck. And went viral. Now, Black girls everywhere are posting pics of their hair and hashtagging them #SupportThePuff.

Have you ever had an issue with your school and your hair? What did you do about it?




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