“You Black Girl Magic. You Black Girl Fly. You Black Girl Brilliance.”

People have truly been out here doin’ the most trying to tell Black girls how to wear their hair, how their lips shouldn’t look, and how they’re magic isn’t so “magic,” after all.

But, on the real, they can miss us with all that noise.

In a recent video for PBS NewsHour, NYC-based poet, Mahogany L. Brown makes that clear and doesn’t hide her shade in the least. Giving us twist-out fierceness and crimson-painted #PrettyLipsPeriod, Mahogany delivers her poem “Black Girl Magic” with more than enough soul to crush the words of anyone trying to come with the hate.

“You Black girl magic. You Black girl fly. You Black girl brilliance. You Black girl wonder. You Black girl shine. You Black girl bloom. You Black girl, Black girl, and you turnin’ into a beautiful Black woman right before our eyes.”

 To hear the entire poem, watch the video below. Then, head to the comments and drop a line or two of your own thoughts on the video.



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