MAC Posted this on IG and the Comments Went Way Left

Yesterday, MAC Cosmetics posted this photo of a Black girl’s lips decked out in a fierce matte blackberry-like shade. (That we absolutely must have right now, BTW.)


Most of the comments were “Yaaassss” and “Black Girl Magic” but then came those that went left. We’re talking way left, as in racist remarks about Black girls’ lips and Black girls in general. MAC deleted most of them, but a few still remained. Here are just two examples:



While the majority of MAC’s posts feature white models, the now infamous share wasn’t the first time even this week that they’d posted a Black model — here’s one and another one and another one from their #NYFW uploads. They clearly weren’t expecting the racist backlash.

After getting their thoughts together, they responded today with this:


What do you think of MAC’s response? Are you cool with it? Do you think they should do more? Tell us in the comments below!


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