7 Movies About Black College Life You Need to Stream — Like RN!

By Andréa Butler

1. Dear White People
More than a movie that gets you and your non-HBCU life, this film is a hilarious satire about stereotypes, identity, and what it means to be “a black face in a white place.” In the mood for something that keeps it all the way real? Throw this in your queue. (Stream it on YouTube for $3.99.)


2. Drumline
And by “Drumline” we mean the O.G. one with Nick Cannon and Zoe Saldana. Packed with band performances full of slayage for the gawds, this movie gives a pretty on point rep about what HBCU game days are really like — perfect for taking in the experience you crave on those days when you’re just not feelin’ having to deal with all those people in the actual stands. (Stream on HBO Max.)


3. Love & Basketball
Because Black love is a beautiful thang. For real, though, how can you not get all up in your feelings about a story where two A-1s from Day 1 fall in love with each other, go to college together, break up, realize they are meant for each other, and get married and all that? (Stream on YouTube for $3.99.)


4. School Daze
This Spike Lee joint is a classic satire that deals with everything from color complex to the Black Greek system to activism to Black hair and everything in between. So yes, it. will. give. you. life. (Stream on YouTube for $3.99.)


5. Stomp the Yard
A talented student runs into trouble at home, is sent to live with family for a fresh start, finds a new bae, and catches the eye of two frats who want to recruit him for his stepping skills. Fierce step routines, an ATL backdrop (of course), and a cast full of celeb cuties? Yaaaaaassss. (Stream on YouTube for $3.99.)

6. The Great Debaters
Based on a true story, this movie follows members of the Wiley College debate team and their professor (played by Denzel Washington), as they face racism and prejudice on their road to taking on Harvard at the national championships. Basically, all the Monday Motivation you’ll ever need in all of life. (Stream on Amazon Prime.)

7. Higher Learning
Directed by John Singleton (who also brought us Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice, and Rosewood to name a few), this ’90s movie goes hard on what can happen when racial tensions, sexism, and more go unchecked. It’s about to get real serious right here. (Stream on YouTube for $3.99)

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2 thoughts on “7 Movies About Black College Life You Need to Stream — Like RN!

  1. So glad to see School Daze on this list! Even though it was made in the 80s it’s definitely still relevant today. The lightskin/brownskin feud feels especially reflective of current events happening in today’s society.
    Plus it features early appearances from “A Different World” actors, Kadeem Hardison (Deayne Wayne), Darryl Bell (Ron Johnson), and none other than Miss Whitley Gilbert; Jasmine Guy!

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