Nia Sioux’s Music Video for “Slay” Just Dropped and Became Your New Fall Anthem

It’s high school, not an episode of LHHATL, but there can still be so. much. drama. In her new video, Nia shows that the best way to squash every hater’s shade is by slaying it all day, every day — just by doin’ you. The track’s beat is on fleek and the video itself is a mashup of all different types of people with all different types of personalities and styles coming together and fearlessly and fantastically werkin’ what they’ve got to Nia’s raps:

All up in my business
You can’t even handle my fierceness
You know we too cute to hate
Ain’t nobody trippin’ off a thing you say 

And other lyrics like these:

Stronger than you think I am
Ain’t no holdin’ back
Haters throwin’ shade
I ain’t got time for that

We just have one question: Where’s Coco? She’s featured on the song and we know she was on the video set, but she’s missing from the final cut. Still, the video does just what the song says — slays. 

Peep the video below:



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2 thoughts on “Nia Sioux’s Music Video for “Slay” Just Dropped and Became Your New Fall Anthem

  1. Nia is an amazing role model for young teens today. Holly and her husband installed amazing manners and attitude is this young lady. I see her going far with he singing career. She has so much talent and it doesn’t hurt that she is a beautiful young lady. Holly and her husband have done a great job in her up bringing. Keep up the great work and never change yourself for anyone, Nia. You are amazing in your own life is truly a song bout you. Love both your songs.

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