10 Lies “A Different World” Told You About College Life

1. You will immediately become besties with every roommate you ever have. To keep things 100, sometimes you end up with a junior transfer student who rarely cleans her side of the room or that holier than thou girl who’s all “You can’t watch The Originals because vampires are evil.” 


2. The love of your life will live in the dorm across the quad. And even though he’s been chasing you for like two years, you don’t realize it until you’re juniors. At least you still have one full year left to get all boo’d up and probably married.

3. You’ll spend all of your free time in the popular campus spot where everyone hangs out and has impromptu dance parties. There’s clearly no such thing as running out of spending money, and with everyone hanging out in one spot, you’ll obviously have the exact same class schedule as your friends and arrive at the spot around the same time, all the time, no matter what.


4. Dorm rooms are like mini apartments. Feel free to bring your own furniture — a vanity, a coffee table, bookshelves, and a lounge chair. It’s supposed to feel like home, after all. Spoiler alert: Most dorms are only large enough to fit two twin beds, two desks, two chests of drawers — and maybe a butterfly chair.

5. You will plan your #OOTDs in advance and rock only the flyest gear to every class. Or, just roll out of bed 10 minutes before class begins, throw on a hoodie over your pajama top, forgo real pants for the pajama bottoms you already have on, and be out.


6. Parties will be had in the common room on the regular. Because, duh, you’re friends with EVERYONE in the ENTIRE dorm and when the chill spot’s closed, where else are you gonna go? 

7. Bae after bae after bae will be waiting around every corner just to ask you out. It could be on moving day, when you’re posted up at the chill spot, or when you’re studying in your dorm. Not to say that you can’t bring all the boys to the yard, but on the real, those campus cuties will be just as busy settling into their dorms and rushing through lunch before their next classes to be around every corner.

8. All of your professors will know you on a personal level and even invite you over to their houses for dinner. For every one or two professors who you absolutely love and are constantly inspired by, you’ll have another one who spends the entire class playing the piano and refusing to answer any actual questions about music theory (for example).

9. After graduation, you and your college crew will still kick it on campus. Because you all work there now, obviously! Shout out to the new Resident Directors! While that would be the best life ever, truth is, you came to college to study your passion and make it happen after the four years ended (which happens way too fast!). You and your new besties will most def stay in touch and be a part of each other’s lives forever ever, though. That’s real.

10. When it all ends, you won’t want to leave. Ok, that part’s actually true. 

TBH, college will be one of the BEST times in your entire life — and regular Netflix marathons of A Different World with your new friends are guaranteed to go down.

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