“Scream Queens” Stars Take us On a ‘Haunted (and Romantic)’ Ghost Tour Through NOLA


The hype for the new show Scream Queens — which premieres on Tuesday, September 22 — continues with stars Keke and Lucien taking us on a horse-and-carriage ride through the haunted streets of NOLA. As they pass by spots rumored to be visited by spirits, poltergeists, and other ghostly inhabitants, darkness starts to fall — and the duo starts to get a little cuddly. When Lucien says that New Orleans is one of the most haunted places on the planet, Keke cuts in with, “Haunted and … romantic.” On the real, tho, how else can we expect her to feel after rollin’ through town — in a horse-drawn carriage, no less — with a serious cutie?

What do you think: Are they boo’d up … or nah?

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