11 YouTube Stars Every Black Girl Needs To Know

By Kennadi Harris

Feeling like you need to step up your hair and makeup game? Maybe you need beauty tips to make your skin glow and your fro grow? Stress no more because we’ve got a list of the best melanin-rich YouTubers who always keep it cute — and can help you keep it cute, as well!

1. Naptural85
If you’re a natural who wants to rock unique styles and have flawless curls, Naptural85 — who rocks a 4a/4b combo is the absolute go-to hair guru. She has hundreds of tutorials and information on almost anything you can imagine as a natural. From twist-outs to wash and go’s to fancy updo’s — she has it all! She’s known for her bomb 25-minute co-wash routine and is a promoter of healthy hair and natural homemade hair products.

2. Jessica Pettway
If you’re more on the edgier side and looking for some tips on how to make your style even fiercer, Jessica is your girl. She offers many hair and makeup tutorials that have a vibrant flair and switches it up every now and then with killer protective styles. She also knows how to make the face the perfect amount of fleek because her makeup game is fabulous!

3. Rose Kimberly
Some of us (especially newbies in makeup) might find it hard to locate good products that aren’t going to break your budget. However, with the help of this makeup guru, things can be much easier. She has many different videos that feature products that can be found in drugstores — but don’t worry these products still slay! She also makes room for the higher-end products, too, but recognizes the struggle some us have with that money. If you want to make a dollar stretch and get the connect with the best products be sure to check out Rose Kimberly.

4. Glamtwinz334
Two beauty experts per tutorial? Yaaaasss! These twins will give you several different looks you can learn to attain, so your face can be beat at all times. They offer hair tutorials, as well, that are perfect for curly girls who have a bit of a looser curl pattern.

5. ItsMyRayeRaye
Another one of our faves is ItsMyRayeRaye. She’s good for lighter skinned girls who want to find makeup that complements their skin tones. Her face and hair are always on point and her videos are fun to watch thanks to her skills and bubbly personality. She pulls off every look — from bright and colorful to subtle and nude — effortlessly. She’s also another hair pro for girls with looser curls.

6. NaturalNeiicy
Cute and sweet with a fun flair, NaturalNeiicy’s personality matches her style. She’s great for natural hair style tips and makeup tutorials — plus, she showcases her style and her interesting life with her Lookbooks and Story Times.

7. Beautybyjj
With all the glamorous looks beautybyjj is serving, you’ll be feeling yourself quite a bit. Her cocoa complexion is a great canvas for the art she creates using makeup and she even has tutorials inspired by some of your favorite celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Queen Bey. She also offers hair tutorials that feature the best styles for the best hair you can buy and tips to take care of it.

8. Shirley B. Eniang
Nearly anybody who loves fashion and beauty would fall in love with Shirley B. Eniang’s channel. She has a style that is modern and chic. Even though her makeup and fashion choice isn’t extravagant, it still makes a lasting impression. She also has some DIY project tutorials that can teach you how to create everything from jewelry to lip scrubs.

9. Jackie Aina
If you’re looking for someone to teach you how to solve all your makeup problems with some beauty hacks, or you’re just looking for something creative and new, Jackie’s got you.  In some videos, she pokes fun at some questionable trends in makeup that you have to admit, are pretty funny, and then, she shows you the right way to #werk it.

10. Destiny Godley
If there’s one thing this makeup artist has, it’s creativity. And Destiny definitely proves that the whole “dark skinned girls can’t wear bright makeup” myth is truly that — a MYTH! Many of her tutorials demonstrate how to create colorful, bold looks, and each look complements those with ebony skin beautifully. 

11. CoralBeauty
An up-and-coming YouTube diva, CoralBeauty brings high-energy tutorials; fun features like Empties, Favorites, and Lookbooks; and so much more! Not only will she show you her various skin care and makeup routines, she’ll also share her favorite fashion trends and natural hair styles.

Did we leave off any of your faves? Share them in the comments below!


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