Cover Stars

#HSMTMTS Star Dara Reneé is Our Summer Cover Girl!

Accepting the challenge that is life, 19-year-old High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (HSMTMTS) star Dara Reneé has overcome every L, celebrated every win, and met every new adventure with the boldness only a #boss could. Check her out in our fifth-annual Natural Hair Love issue, shipping June through the end of July. A […]

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Beauty & Fashion

5 Rules You Should Know Before Coloring Your Natural Hair

A crown of many colors. A solid, purple mane. A hint of highlighted perfection. So. Many. Options. But before you make that shade switch, peep these tips from natural hair expert and licensed cosmetologist Dinah LeFranc of Sorayah’s Salon Services in Brooklyn, New York. By Najja Parker Check Those StrandsThe healthier your hair is at […]

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