5 Ways to Snag a Prom Date Who’s Drama-Free!

Opening doors. Giving you his suit jacket when you’re cold. Actually dancing with you most of the night. Kissing you goodbye. You want a prom date who is ’bout that life. Here’s how to get one:

1. Don’t go with your ex. 

“But we’re still friends!” “But I don’t have anyone else to go with!” “But blah blah blah…” Don’t. You. Do. It. You two may have planned to go together at the beginning of the year, but that’s when you were, well, together. A post-breakup prom date just might turn into a disaster, and prom is not the place to debut your clapback of the year. Either go with someone else, go with your girls, or roll by yourself.

2. Pick someone you’re cool with. 

Even if romance isn’t budding between the two of you, you’ll still be sure to have a bomb time with someone you’re comfortable chillin’ with. Besides, with having to take photos in front of your entire neighborhood and walking around in those super badd stilettos, prom already has enough potential to get uncomfortable. 

3. #GroupDate! 

Whether it’s with your girls or in mixed company, you’re sure to have a night to remember if you’re surrounded by your real squad!

4. Ask someone unexpected.

You know your really quiet chem lab partner who you can tell kinda has a crush on you, but he’s too shy to say it? He’d probably be the ultimate drama-free date! Prom night is less of a popularity contest and more of a time to bond with all of your classmates. By choosing to ask someone who doesn’t have a date, you could create a brand new friendship and have a surprisingly magical night!

5. Go with your bestie.

The one person who always has your back would also be the best prom date!  Selfies on deck!

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