How You and Bae Can Spend the 12 Dates of Christmas

What’s a girl to do with her boo this holiday season? Peep these date ideas that go beyond the usual dinner and a movie:

On the 1st Date of Christmas:
“Take a long walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights and decorations.” -Jaliyah, 14

On the 2nd Date of Christmas:
“My sister always goes bowling with her boyfriend. Even though she can play well, she messes up on purpose just so her boyfriend can try and ‘teach’ her how to play.” -Kalondi, 15

On the 3rd Date of Christmas:
“Try going to the arcade. I have fun with or without my boyfriend there.” – Ashanti, 17

On the 4th Date of Christmas:
“On campus we have a masquerade ball. Try to go to the ball [or other school dance] at different times and see how long it takes to find each other.” -Misty, 19

On the 5th Date of Christmas:
“My brother always takes his girlfriend to the high school basketball tournament. Our school always has its basketball tournament during Christmas break.” -Kendrick, 15

On the 6th Date of Christmas:
“My girlfriend used to be jealous when I played video games until I showed her how to play. Now, she can’t get enough. She loves to race and hunt on the Wii.” -Willy, 17

On the 7th Date of Christmas:
“The skating rink is always poppin’ on Christmas. This is the perfect time to go out on a date with your man. Everyone else will probably be there with their man, too.” -Shanesha, 17

On the 8th Date of Christmas:
“Create a list of fun things on a Bingo card [like Air Jordans, a colorful weave, little kids, etc.] and walk around a store trying to find people with the stuff on your Bingo cards. The loser has to buy the winner a pack of Oreo cookies or some other favorite snack.” -Markita, 15

On the 9th Date of Christmas:
“Me and my boyfriend sometimes buy different snack foods and feed them to each other with our eyes closed. The fun part is guessing what the food is you’re eating. I love to see my boyfriend’s face when I put spicy chips in his mouth.” – Letha, 19

On the 10th Date of Christmas:
“My boyfriend and I used to split up at the mall, and when we met up again, he would act like I was a celebrity. Everyone would look at us and wonder who I was. It was so fun.” -Erin, 21

On the 11th Date of Christmas:
“Give a really bad gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend and pretend like that’s all you have for them. Play along to see how they will react and after awhile, give them their real gift.” -Jacoby, 15

On the 12th Date of Christmas:
“[My boyfriend and I] have been together since we were 14 and we belong to the same church. Every year, our church has a Christmas party and we always go together.” -Rya, 17


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