9 Thoughts You Had When You Found Out Someone’s Remaking The Boy Is Mine

Oh yeah, you heard right: Ariana Grande and Jessie J are going to remake “The Boy Is Mine” — apparently to help music producer, Rodney Jerkins (who collabed with Brandy and Monica on the original) celebrate his 20 years of being in the music biz. Here are just a few of the thoughts that probably ran through your mind when you heard the news.



1. Just no.

2. Someone please play me that song NOW. I have to hear it as many times as possible before it’s potentially ruined for all time.



4. Couldn’t Rodney just have a fancy cake or something?

5. Hahahahahahahaha. Oh wait, this is for real?

6. *Blank stare*


7. You think Brandy’s gonna be down with this?

8. I’m so confused.

9. So, who’s gonna play Mekhi Phifer?


Watch Brandy and Monica’s original version below:

What do you think? Are you ready for the remake? Tell us in the comments below.

UPDATE: Turns out, this is NOT happening. [Enter sigh of relief.] Not sure why Rodney Jerkins put it all out there like it was, but anyway, so glad these two ladies are leaving this classic be. Are you upset to hear that the remake won’t be made after all or are you happy to hear the news?

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2 thoughts on “9 Thoughts You Had When You Found Out Someone’s Remaking The Boy Is Mine

  1. Sorry…..I definitely have mixed feelings about this remake. On one hand, songs are ‘done over’ all the time, allowing them to be introduced to the younger generation, but on the OTHER hand, what????? I really think that I would prefer Brandy and Monica come back and re-touch their hit over this. Perhaps I’ll have to hear it….

  2. I don’t like this idea either. I always wanted a remake of this song for the young upcoming R&B singers, with Brandy and monica’s approval. Maybe Teyana Taylor and Sevyn Streeter or Jhene or someone similar….I guess Big Sean will play the leading man LOL

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