Ana Lou’s New Song “Miss America” will Inspire You to Go After Your Dreams, Too

Black Music Month may be wrapping up, but the hits can’t stop, won’t stop. Yesterday, L.A. native, Ana Lou, dropped her new single, “Miss America,” which follows a young woman (Ana Lou) as she comes to realize that her boyfriend is not trying to support her dreams, but only wants to discourage her. She breaks out her guitar skills, shows him the deuces, and walks off with her friends.

“I wrote this song because I wanted to … encourage young women to reach their full potential and do their best,” Ana Lou says.

And she knows all about what it’s like to chase dreams and overcome struggles. Right now, she’s balancing college and her music career, and as a kid, she spent a year in Children’s Hospital, survived multiple surgeries, and had doctors tell her family that she wouldn’t live. She didn’t give up and proved them all wrong.

Whether you’re just looking for a new jam to throw on that summer playlist or you’re searching for a song that can help motivate you to go after your own dreams and drown out all the haters, put “Miss America” on replay.

I won’t sit and wait for you ’cause I’m gonna live my life. I know I gave you my past, thank God I didn’t give you my last, she sings.


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