7 Ways to Decode Your Crush’s Body Language

Guys can be more confusing than a calculus problem, but obsessing over their every word and action can drive a sistah cray.

Hold on to your sanity and use this “cheat sheet” to help you recognize 7 ways your crush may be showing you he’s into you — even if he’s not saying a thing.

He Mirrors Your Every Move

When you stand, he stands. If you sit, he’s telling you to scoot over. By matching you move for move, he’s showing that he notices you and wants you to notice what a perfect match you make.

It’s Always “Ladies First” with Him

Bae opens doors for you, helps carry your books to class, and lets you cut line in the lunchroom. Besides showing off his excellent manners, he’s also willing to make your needs a priority — that’s some true swagger right there.

Your Eyes Meet on the Regular

You know the saying, “ The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Well, if dude is making constant eye contact, he’s letting you know that he wants to get to know the real you — and nothing going on around you can distract him. Baby is focused!

His Feet Are Always Facing You

Next time you’re talking, steal a look to see what direction his feet are facing. If they’re pointing toward you, you’ve fully captivated him and have his complete attention.

He Makes Himself Bigger

Does he stand up taller whenever you’re near? Or, does he brag about his latest tackle on the football field? Mmhmm. He wants to prove he’s the perfect one for you by impressing you with his manliness.

He Finds a Reason to Touch You

Kisses and hugs are obvious signs of affection. But when your crush starts fixing stray hairs or wiping imaginary stains off your cheek, he probably wants to be more than just a friend.

He Always Has a Smile on His Face…

… especially when he’s around you. If he can’t stop cheesing in your company, it’s a sure sign he’s got a love jones.

So, tell us: Who’s crushin’ on you? 





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