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Amandla Stenberg’s Newest Project Is Life!

Amandla Stenberg stays killin’ it when it comes to starting discussions about cultural appropriation and empowerment of Black girls. The latest on the 16-year-old fierce of nature? She’s co-writing a new comic book with Stranger Comics called NIOBE: She Is Life.  NIOBE chronicles the adventures of Niobe, a half-elf/half-human orphaned warrior, on a quest to […]

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Beauty & Fashion

6 Graphic Tees You’ll Want to Post Up in This Fall

Rock these tees alone, with your favorite flannel shirt, or underneath that new denim jacket. Because … your thoughts exactly. 1) When you’re feelin’ yourself and you think the whole school should know: Cop That ($25) 2) When bae wants to know the secret to winning you over: Cop That ($28) 3) When you have […]

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Love etc.

7 Ways to Decode Your Crush’s Body Language

Guys can be more confusing than a calculus problem, but obsessing over their every word and action can drive a sistah cray. Hold on to your sanity and use this “cheat sheet” to help you recognize 7 ways your crush may be showing you he’s into you — even if he’s not saying a thing. […]

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Don’t Trip: 7 Ways to Take Advice Like a Boss

You get a D and a ton of red marks on a research paper. Your boss at your part-time job tells you how you could improve your customer service. Your coach gives you advice on how to better clear those hurdles, so you’re ready for your next meet. Maybe you feel hurt. Maybe you feel […]

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