It’s B’Day. Bow Down.

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no she didn’t!

King Bey, Queen Bey, Baddie Bey — whatever you call her, Beyoncé Knowles just proved to the world that she runs this.

For real, though, who drops an entire album in absolute secrecy ? Who can even manage to keep such a surprise under wraps, especially in this day and age? And who makes a music video for every, single, one of her songs, and then drops them all on the same day as said surpise album?

Bey does.

Why? Because she can. Because she’s a genius. Because she’s Bey.

 A “visual album,” she calls it. Well, ok then. Work. It.

There are no more words to express our excitement over this surprise to end all surprises, so we’ll leave you with a few clips of her new self-titled work of amazement.

Enjoy it, share it, sing it, dance to it. Repeat.

Leave a comment to tell us the tracks you’re bangin’ the most!


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1 Comment on It’s B’Day. Bow Down.

  1. The Video Album is AMAZING! It’s, Queen Bey! I have been a fan since the beginning, and I feel so inspired. She has grown into a woman that has seem to have more confidence. Empowering in her self, sexuality, and artistically. It seems as if she has been able to really come into the woman she wants her fans to see and experience. LOVE IT!

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