Dorm DIY: Personalized Décor for Your Space

Last week, we gave you a list of ten dorm must-haves. Now that you’ve got those items checked off, it’s time to focus more on the décor of your space. If you already know who your roommate will be, pour over this list together and plan a theme for your room that you’ll both love. If you’re not sure who you’ll share your room with, you can still have fun coming up with a design for your half. Best of all, these items won’t cost you a grip, and since they’re all DIY, they’ll be customized just for you.

1) Picture Collage

Ease homesickness with an easy-to-make photo collage of your friends, family, and favorite places.

Step 1: Find a stable foundation like a cork board, large picture frame, or poster board.

Step 2: Arrange pictures, letters from home, and other mementos onto the foundation with glue, colored thumbnails, and decorative tape.

Step 3: Personalize it with decorative accents like stickers, glitter, and drawings.

Find even more collage ideas here.

2) Relaxation Kit

Stressed over classes? Tests? An ungodly amount of reading? This quick and fun project is perfect for those days when nothing seems to go your way, or you feel you’re in over your head.

Step 1: Fill a small box or plastic container with soothing things like your favorite tea or coffee, bubble bath, eye gel pads, and anything else you find comforting. Also include a favorite DVD, stuffed animal, a beloved book, or a tasty snack.

Step 2: If you would like, decorate the outside of your box with pictures of your loved ones, favorite sights , or other things that make you smile.

Find everything you’ll need for your kit at stores like Walmart or Target

3) Comfy Floor Cushion

This project is a bit more complicated but will add personality and extra seating to your room.

Step 1: Find a square foam cushion and a large piece of fabric in a fun, whimsical pattern from the nearest craft store.

Step 2: Using the cushion as a guide, measure out enough fabric to fit snugly around the cushion. Afterwards, one side of the cushion will be completely covered by the fabric and three sides will be open.

Step 3: Neatly sew the remaining open sides closed. You now have a unique seating option.

 Visit for some inspiration.

4) Jewelry Tree

You can find these on the shelves of numerous department stores, but you’ll be much more fond of this practical and pretty design knowing it is the product of your own hands.

Step 1: Make a stable base for your tree out of any deep, container: Vases, deep soap dishes, small wooden boxes, and even glass bowls are all great options.

Step 2: Go for a little walk and find the perfect branch for your project. The ideal one should look like a small tree, with lots of little, but sturdy, branches. If your branch is still fresh, it’s best to let it dry out for a day or two. Prosthetic branches from an arts and craft store can also work just as well.

Step 3: If you would like to decorate your box or branch now is the time to do it. Use even layers of spray paint on your branch and box to customize it to your tastes. To further embellish it, consider stenciling the outside of the box or gluing on some neat accessories, like gemstones or seashells.

Step 4: Anchor your tree branch into the inside of a bottle cap with your trusty superglue. Then glue the other side of the bottle cap to the bottom of your box. After the glue has dried, fill your container with colored sand, rocks or pebbles; you can even add in dirt to really create the image of a living tree.

Step 5: Lastly, decorate the branches with jewelry to create an eye-catching centerpiece, sure to add sparkle to any dorm room.

Visit Bed,Bath & Beyond to buy your own or for more DIY ideas

5) Practical Binder Clip Organizer

This is a super-easy, but very much needed way to organize all those messy cables and wires.

Step 1: Attach an assortment of binder clips to the side of a flat and study surface. With the black clips firmly attached, feed your cables through the silver tabs. If the top of the cable is too big to fit, simply pop out one side of the silver clip and reattach it once the cable is through.

Step 2: To personalize it, decorate the clips before hand with pant, stickers, or markers.

What DIY projects have you done to decorate your dorm room — or your bedroom at home? Share your own tips and tricks for readers below!


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