5 Bomb On-Campus Clubs to Join Freshman Year

Expanding your social circle, improving your academic performance, and discovering your hidden skills and talents from jump can help you make the absolute most of your college experience. Peep our top 5 club picks and join the ones that fit you best!

Collab with the Black Student Association

The most important and fun part of college is learning to adapt and excel despite being surrounded by the unfamiliar. However, organizations like the BSA and your college’s chapter of the NAACP can help foster a sense of community and support. These groups also assist in educating the rest of the college community by hosting cultural events and sharing certain traditions with the whole.

Write for the Newspaper/Magazine

By joining your college’s newspaper or magazine, you’ll not only be able to collect an impressive amount of quality clips, but you’ll also be able to experience the industry before committing to pursuing it full-time. Even those who aren’t thinking about writing professionally can still benefit. Besides proving that you can communicate effectively, writing for your college’s publications can tell future employers that you are self-motivated and comfortable working as part of a team.

Become a Volunteer

It’s expected that classes, part-time jobs, and socializing will take up the majority of your time. Every now and then, though, it’s nice to take a break from all of your worries to give back to the community. College campuses worldwide, as well as their surrounding neighborhoods, have a variety of ways for students to help those in need. They have connections to elementary schools, homeless shelters, and other groups seeking assistance in some way. Some schools even host Alternative Spring Breaks, where students trade partying and sleeping for donating their time and talents to others.

Run for Student Council

  To help your fellow students with issues beyond an intensive exam schedule and annoying roomates, join the student council. Here, you’ll be in the best position to determine what happens at your school. You’ll not only get a say in the location of the Spring Fling, but you also affect school budgets and act as a mediator between students and the university board. This is particularly worthwhile for those studying communication or politics.

Take up Fencing, Yoga, or Boxing

If fencing isn’t your style, try horseback riding, yoga, wrestling, swimming, or anything else that catches your fancy. The goal here is to try something out of your comfort zone, while also staying physically active.

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