Stellar Gifts for Every Sign

We’ve got our eyes on the skies for this year’s gift-giving guide! Check out this list and add to cart.

By Jasmine Nicole

Basquiat-Inspired Phone Case, $40 (and up, depending on size),

Fearless Candle, $34,

Cute Cosmetic Storage Case, $89,

Old-Fashioned Camera, $100,

Makeup Wall Art, $7,

Reindeer Mani Strips, $8,

Volcano Foot Mask, $14,

Faux Fur House Slides, $40,

Body Butter, $29,

Taurus Zodiac Necklace, $60,

Fragrance Sampler Set, $24,

You Rock Chocolate Gift Set, $40,

Silk Hair Ties, $15,

Feelin’ Myself Tote, $25,

Energizing Tea, $13 per pouch of tea bags,

Candy Cane Lip Balm, $10,

Hit List Board Game, $10,

Mini Succulent Garden, $42,

InstaCake Holiday Card, $19,

Cozy Sweater Hoodie, $60,

Stress-Relieving Candle, $25,

Gender-Neutral Sweatpants, $35,

Glitter Bomb Water Bottle, $26,

3-In-One Serum, $22,

Color-Changing Cinema Lightbox, $35 for standard size,

Cell Phone Ring Light, $25,

Tortoise-Rimmed Shades, $30,

Wellness Journal, $33,

Sparkling AirPods Case, $35,

Adopt-A-Bee Necklace, $39,

Battery-Powered Charging Case, $75,

Sustainable Shampoo Bar, $19,

Skin-Care Kit, $50,

Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night Enamel Pin, $10,

Mindfulness Dice, $19,

Chunky Sweater Candle, $22,

Yam x BREAD Braid Beads, $34,

The Steal Like an Artist Journal, $13,

Raw Shea Butter, $15,

Make It Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care, $20,

Smokeless Incense, $35,

Smart Mug, $130,

Relax Gift Set, $40,

Superfood Latte Sampler, $22,

Beginner’s Yoga Kit, $30,

Sherpa Slides, $35,

Year of Gratitude Kit, $30,

International Snack Subscription, starting at $13 per month,

Undated Weekly Planner, $65,

The Friendship Game, $30,

Teen Feng Shui, $17,

Aromatherapy Body Wash, $14,

Astrology Journal, $32,

Colorful Wall Planner, $48,

Astrology Lip Stories Lipstick, $9,

Is That True?! Board Game, $20,

Do One Thing Every Day To Change The World Journal, $13,

Peace Candle, $15,

Sugar & Spice & Repro Rights Hoodie, $60,

Aquarius Zodiac Candle, $29,

Public Enemy Pencils, $2 each,

The Stars and the Blackness Between Them, $10,

Badge-Making Kit, $98,

Ocean Waves Projector, $25,

A Journal for Self-Exploration, $16,

Flannel PJs, $60,

The Pastel Journey Tarot Deck & Guidebook, $49,

Calming Candle, $30,

Crystals Set, $120,

Main Image: Pixel Stories/Stocksy


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