69 Stellar Gifts for Astrology-Loving Friends of Every Zodiac Sign

We’ve got our eyes on the skies for this year’s gift-giving guide! Check out this list and add to cart.

By Jasmine Nicole

The holiday season has re-entered the chat, which means Mariah Carey on repeat, switching to a festive ringtone, and finding the best gifts for your friends and fam. Chart your gift-giving journey with a little cosmic help — all you need is the sign of the person your shopping for and a little bit of coin. Scroll this list to cop the perfect gifts for your astrology-loving friends of every zodiac sign.

The word Aries on a light pink background with white stars. It says, "Bold and fearless with a fire personality, this sign tends to see the glass half full and is always up for a challenge. Gifts that cater directly to their fierceness are sure to be pleasers."

Basquiat-Inspired Phone Case, $40 (and up, depending on size), casetify.com

Fearless Candle, $34, spokenflames.com

Cute Cosmetic Storage Case, $89, dormify.com

Old-Fashioned Camera, $100, shopmoment.com

Makeup Wall Art, $7, etsy.com/shop/AndyHomeArt

Reindeer Mani Strips, $8, dashingdiva.com

The word Taurus on a light pink background with white stars. It says, "That glam life is the only life for Taurus. As an earth sign, they're here for anything that celebrates the senses and allows them to feel like the queens they are -- think sweet scents, soft fabrics, and decadent treats."

Volcano Foot Mask, $14, lushusa.com

Faux Fur House Slides, $40, victoriassecret.com

Body Butter, $29, toocoolforschool.us

Taurus Zodiac Necklace, $60, kaeche.com

Fragrance Sampler Set, $24, madewell.com

You Rock Chocolate Gift Set, $40, knackshops.com

Silk Hair Ties, $15, slip.com

The word Gemini on a light pink background with white stars. It says, "Issa social butterfly! Gems love being the life of the party and thrive when surrounded by their friends, so give ya' girl something to satiate her extroverted self."

Feelin’ Myself Tote, $25, teesinthetrap.com

Energizing Tea, $13 per pouch of tea bags, zesttea.com

Candy Cane Lip Balm, $10, ecolips.com

Hit List Board Game, $10, kohls.com

Mini Succulent Garden, $42, lulasgarden.com

InstaCake Holiday Card, $19, instacakecards.com

Cozy Sweater Hoodie, $60, ae.com

Stress-Relieving Candle, $25, bathandbodyworks.com

Gender-Neutral Sweatpants, $35, oldnavy.gap.com

Glitter Bomb Water Bottle, $26, lulus.com

3-In-One Serum, $22, garnierusa.com

Color-Changing Cinema Lightbox, $35 for standard size, uncommongoods.com

Cell Phone Ring Light, $25, case-mate.com

Tortoise-Rimmed Shades, $30, noireshadesco.com

Wellness Journal, $33, papier.com

Sparkling AirPods Case, $35, case-mate.com

Adopt-A-Bee Necklace, $39, projecthoneybees.com

Battery-Powered Charging Case, $75, getcasely.com

Sustainable Shampoo Bar, $19, jack59.ca

Skin-Care Kit, $50, glossier.com

Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night Enamel Pin, $10, moma.org

Mindfulness Dice, $19, uncommongoods.com

Chunky Sweater Candle, $22, freresbranchiaux.com

Yam x BREAD Braid Beads, $34, yamnyc.com

The Steal Like an Artist Journal, $13, barnesandnoble.com

Raw Shea Butter, $15, sheamoisture.com

Make It Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care, $20, barnesandnoble.com

Smokeless Incense, $35, bodha.com

Smart Mug, $130, ember.com

Relax Gift Set, $40, lushusa.com

Superfood Latte Sampler, $22, golde.co

Beginner’s Yoga Kit, $30, gaiam.com

Sherpa Slides, $35, ae.com

Year of Gratitude Kit, $30, live-inspired.com

International Snack Subscription, starting at $13 per month, munchpak.com

Undated Weekly Planner, $65, eeni-edit.com

The Friendship Game, $30, theschooloflife.com

Teen Feng Shui, $17, booksamillion.com

Aromatherapy Body Wash, $14, bathandbodyworks.com

Astrology Journal, $32, zenitjournals.com

Colorful Wall Planner, $48, poketo.com

Astrology Lip Stories Lipstick, $9, sephora.com

Is That True?! Board Game, $20, nordstrom.com

Do One Thing Every Day To Change The World Journal, $13, booksamillion.com

Peace Candle, $15, gooddayscents.com

Sugar & Spice & Repro Rights Hoodie, $60, phenomenalwoman.us

Aquarius Zodiac Candle, $29, shopryanporter.com

Public Enemy Pencils, $2 each, greerchicago.com

The Stars and the Blackness Between Them, $10, barnesandnoble.com

Badge-Making Kit, $98, badgeaminit.com

Ocean Waves Projector, $25, sensacalm.com

A Journal for Self-Exploration, $16, meusshop.com

Flannel PJs, $60, victoriassecret.com

The Pastel Journey Tarot Deck & Guidebook, $49, beau-life.com

Calming Candle, $30, voluspa.com

Crystals Set, $120, treeofcolor.com

Main Image: Pixel Stories/Stocksy

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