“The Chi” Star Genesis Hale is Our Winter Cover Girl!

Turning the page on who and what doesn’t serve her, 15-year-old Genesis Hale, who plays Maisha on The Chi and Sabrina in the new Candyman (out next year), continues to come out on top.

In our winter 2020 issue, Genesis chops it up about bullying, how art gets her through tough times, and how she ended up on the small and big screens in the first place. (Hint: She had a bit of a different vision.)

Read an excerpt from Genesis’ cover story below:


If Genesis Denise Hale had to sum up 2020 in one word, that’d be it.

“I feel like this year can’t even count, so I think we’re still in 2019 and need to skip to 2021,” she says. “I’m in 2022, actually. 2021 still hasn’t won me over yet.”

IRL, both of us are in September 15 of this infamous year. Genesis just logged off her virtual school day, and we’ve hopped on Zoom together. Her long box braids ka-yute, her lip gloss poppin’, and I’m here for the Black Lives Matter Conference 2018 shirt she’s rockin’ (it’s actually her dad’s).

Of course, one of the first things we talk about is the pandemic because how could we not? This collective trauma has us all on edge about what could possibly go down next. But Genesis — a fellow person who talks with her hands, btw — has an idea on how to handle some of her trepidation in the most unbothered way ever.

“I refuse to [keep 2020 energy in my life]. I refuse to do it. I’m locking my door,” she laughs. “December 31, 11:58, nope. If I don’t mess with you, listen. I am sorry, but I have been through too much for 365 days. I need to go.”

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Black magazines: The Chi star Genesis Hale on the cover of Sesi magazine's winter 2020 issue. Cover background is blue. Genesis is seated on a white stool, wearing a black leather jacket over a light blue tee. Her pants are black and her shoes are black with sliver spikes on the side. Her hair is in long, medium-sized box braids.

Cover photo by Bemore Bybre

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