Nia Sioux’s New Clothing Line Collab is a Winner

By Brianna Moné

From dancing to singing to posting hilarious YouTube videos, and now, to designing clothes, it’s clear there’s not much Nia Sioux can’t do.

Just a couple weeks ago, the 16-year-old, former Dance Moms star debuted her own clothing line in collaboration with the brand Popular Poison. The collection, affectionately titled, Nia Sioux x Popular Girl features a mix of comfy, yet edgy crop tops, hoodies, and T-shirts.

From the sayings on the tees to the metallic roses on the yellow tie-dyed cropped hoodie (which is her favorite piece, BTW), everything in this line is “authentically Nia,” and a reflection of her own style. “I would say my personal style is edgy and definitely [includes] cut-outs,” she says. “I don’t like being ‘basic.’ I like to stand out in … a confident way. I always want to make sure I feel comfortable in my own skin.”

That message of loving the skin you’re in translates all up and through the entire line. Peep this “Self Love” hoodie, this “Queen Not Princess” tee, and this “Be You AF” top. And that’s just a handful of the fierceness you’ll find to fill your closet.

“I never thought that at 16 I would be able to do this,” Nia says. “It’s something that I’m so happy I’m getting the chance to do because it’s something really true to me … Everything is super comfortable. I only wear comfortable things. There are positive messages on everything, and I just love that.”

She also loves how quickly everything came together. Earlier this year, while at a photo shoot for a project she was working on with the nail polish line, Nail & Bone, Nia met the Popular Poison crew. As soon as they saw her slayage, they were interested in partnering with her. Once she started working with them, she discovered they also worked with a lot of her friends, including her bae, Bryce.

So far, the line has gotten a lot of positive feedback from fans and supporters, with one fan even asking if she could receive a customized 2001 box hoodie. When creating that particular piece with the Popular Poison team, Nia told them she was born in 2001, so maybe they could make a sweatshirt with that year on it. “It was funny because we made this sweatshirt, and someone commented on my Instagram account and asked if I could make a 2004 hoodie for them because they were born in 2004,” she says. “It was so cute! I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so great!’”

Not only was Nia hands-on during the design process, but in the marketing process, as well. She recalls the day they shot the pictures (which can be seen on her vlog) for online and social media as a fast-paced, fun day filled with her glam squad, her friends, her bf, her mom, plus great energy, dancing, and awesome music. “I was very involved with putting the looks together because a lot of the things that I’m wearing in the pictures are my own things,” Nia says. “The leggings and jeans are all mine, and the shoes too. Pretty much everything [we were] using are mine, very much my style, and came from my closet.”

Not only did the shoot give us a look inside her personal wardrobe, but it also gave us a deeper look in the life of Bria and how the couple are total #relationshipgoals. The two even snapped some cute looks together. “We love taking pictures, both of us,” Nia says. “When we got to take them together, we could never be serious … We just look at each other and laugh.” Although it might be too early to call, a future collab with Nia and her boo might be in the works — fingers crossed.

As far as her future in fashion, Nia looks forward to creating new and trendy items that are bold and make a statement, with new colors, prints, and fabrics. And her other ventures? Yeah, she’s not slowing down on those, either.

Keep it locked on Nia’s social, so you don’t miss any of the exciting things she’s got on the come up for that new new (aka 2018).

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