Chloe and Halle’s Theme Song for “Grown-ish” Has Officially Dropped

A show’s theme song is one of the first things we connect with. It sets the tone and feel for what’s about to go down each and every episode of each and every season, and every time you hear it, it can remind you of specific times in your life, what you were doing, where you were going, and who you were kickin’ it with.

And Chloe and Halle’s newly released theme for the upcoming series grown-ish is set to be one of those iconic ones — just as A Different World‘s was for that ’80s and ’90s crew. Comin’ out the gate with what sounds a little like a soft cymbal being played, it quickly builds up to that fire beat drop and the lyrics “Watch out world, I’m grown now/It’s about to go down/My heart beating so loud/Mama, look! I’m grown now. (I’m grown!)”

Like, BAM! I’m here. I’m fabulous. I’m grown(ish). Let’s do this.

You legit can’t help but get hype because the music just takes you there, continuing on to the verses keeping a #CarefreeBlackGirl vibe with its upbeat chords interspersed with drumbeats and what we’re thinking are castanets (that clapping sound). If you’re not at least groovin’ and snappin’ in your chair by 30 seconds in, girl. We just… we don’t even know what to say. How can you not bop to this bop and feel all ready and motivated to take on the world?

Besides voicing the title track, the sisters are also pairing up to play recurring characters — twins Sky and Jazz — on the spinoff.

Peep the video for “Grown” below!



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