How to Choose — and #Werk — the Best Clip-In Extensions for Your Hair Texture and Style

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When you want to rock a bomb protective style, but keep that #carefreeblackgirl ‘fro look going, naturally textured, easy-to-apply, clip-in extensions will most definitely be the move. But with so many companies selling extensions online, finding the right match for your hair type can sometimes have you like:


How will you know what you need and want if you can’t touch and feel the differences in all the options? We’re glad you asked! Peep these tips below and cop the right look every. time.

1.  Ask Questions.
You’re the one who knows your texture best, so before adding that kinks, coils, or curls bundle to your cart, reach out to an expert at the company. Are you a 4b/4c hair type? Do you have a mix of curl patterns all up and through your mane? Let ’em know. At Haute Kinky Hair, you can reach the customer care team quickly and easily at They’ll answer any questions you may have, and you can even send them pictures of your hair texture (clear close-ups of your hair wet and dry), so they can find your perfect match on their end!

2. Exchange If You Need To.
Let’s say you are semi-sure that the texture you are about to order will work, but there is another texture you believe will work, as well. Process the order for one, and if after a few days you’re not feelin’ it, you can ask for an exchange. They’ll allow you to trade one for another within a certain time period if what you order initially doesn’t work out.

3. Manipulate Your New ‘Do.
No matter the texture or style, play with your new hair, shaping it in every way possible so that it works well with yours. Try blow drying, twisting, flat ironing, curl wanding, air drying … whatever you’d like to get the look you want out of your extensions. Keep messing with your own hair to a minimum, though, so you do not cause damage. It’s best to manipulate your extensions, alone, since they can be taken out and put back in at any time.

Check out the new videos up on HKH’s website, so you can get an up-close view of how the hair moves and feels. And look for more beauty and hair tips in each issue of Sesi! You can subscribe by clicking here.


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