HBCU Travelers Just Might Be Your Ticket to Studying Abroad

Binge-watching episodes of Naked and Afraid or Expedition Unknown doesn’t quite count as #seeingsomeworld — and #seeingsomeworld is one thing you should never take that L on.

But, that’s what seems to be happening more often than not. Did you know that of all the American students who study abroad, only about five percent of them are Black? Maybe it’s because some students haven’t seen their friends and family study abroad or maybe it’s a money issue or maybe it’s fear. On the real, though, you don’t have to be ballin’ outta control to journey across the pond, plus traveling overseas and immersing yourself in new cultures and experiences doesn’t just give you the chance at a bomb vacation, it can also help prepare you for your dream career. (Interested in international business or working for the FBI, for example? You’ll want to get your travel game up.)

Even if spending an entire semester abroad doesn’t fit your current graduation timeline, or your college doesn’t have a study abroad program, or you’re not even through with high school yet, you can still jet set, globe trot, all that. An organization called HBCU Travelers has programs that help students at just about any age get their travel plans on lock through their youth trips, internships, and volunteer opportunities. Right now, HBCU Travelers is even offering a uVolunteer scholarship to Costa Rica worth $2,000, which includes an airline voucher and volunteer placement (housing + meals). Scholarship winners will then get the chance to volunteer for two to three weeks during an end-of-summer project.

Still need a little convincing? Check out Travel Noire‘s tips for studying abroad, and then, start planning!

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