That One Time They Came for #BlackGirlMagic

Our Twitter timeline was LIT — and we know yours was, too — with tweets going in on an article called “Here’s My Problem With #BlackGirlMagic” published by Elle magazine this week. Yeah, we’re not gonna link it here, but peep these lines and you’ll see why people are so not here for it. At. All.

“Black girl magic suggests we are, again, something other than human.”

“Saying we’re superhuman is just as bad as saying we’re animals, because it implies that we are organically different, that we don’t feel just as much as any other human being.”

She got all that from a hashtag created to empower us and help us express our love for our beauty, our talent, ourselves in general?? File this under: You’re Doing Too Much.

Oh, and BTW, the writer is Black. Yeah…

Here’s what some of you had to say:










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