Trust and Believe: Zayday’s Statement-Making Game is Seriously on Point

And we don’t just mean in the fashion department.
Scream Queens has no shortage of one-liners, but when it comes to delivering the best — whether it’s a classic Kappa clapback or a plain observation, ya’ girl Zayday slays more than the Red Devil him (and/or her) self. (No spoilers here!) While you adjust to SQ withdrawals until next season, relive some of the best Zayday moments right here, right now:

“Let me brew you up a hot mug of tell it like it is.”

“All y’all ratchet.”

“I’m freakin’ starving. There is food nowhere in Kappa house. Guess it makes sense — the cook did get her face fried off.”


“The biggest change I’d like to implement is for everyone to stop getting murdered by a serial killer.”

“‘Cause ain’t nothin’ and no one stoppin’ the hot tsunami of truth rollin’ in tonight.”

“Earl Grey was a good man with powerful arms and a sexy accent, and now, he’s dead.”

Photo: Patti Perret/FOX.
Photo: Patti Perret/FOX.

“At first, I thought, what a weird turkey, but then it clicked — damn, that’s a head!”

“But then, I noticed the smell and I’m like, Gigi’s roast head actually smells kinda delicious.”


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