That Whole “Not Black Enough” Thing? Yeah, That’s Gotta Go.

Photo: Instagram

You know what’s never a good look? When we tear each other down. Whether we’re telling another Black girl that she “acts white” for liking certain music, that she “talks white” because she speaks correctly, that she’s too dark, or that she’s too light and therefore not Black enough, it’s all self-hate. TBH, there are already enough people around the world who hate on us regularly, so we’ve got to make sure that we have each other’s backs. 

Recently, some people showed out by being mad at Zendaya for getting a Barbie doll. First of all, really? And secondly, Why? Why can’t we celebrate a sista? Are some of us really that jealous and hateful to attack her Blackness and her acknowledgement of it? (‘Cause y’all know if it was the other way around and Z did not outright say that she’s Black, that would’ve been a whole other era of Twitter dragging.) Yes, Zendaya is bi-racial, but in this world, she is seen as a Black girl. She knows it. We all know it.

And so do these other bi-racial celebs, who also embrace their Blackness:

Yara Shahidi (Her mom is Black and her dad is Iranian)

Tia and Tamera (Their mom is Black and their dad is white)

Sydney Park (Her mom is Black and her dad is of Korean descent)

Amandla Stenberg (Her mom is Black and her dad is white)

Alicia Keys (Her mom is white and her dad is Black)

We could go on.

How do you feel about all this drama? How many times have you been told you’re not Black enough because of how you look/speak/act? Share your story in the comments below!

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