Black-ish Went There and We Were Here for All of It!

If you missed last night’s season 2 premiere of Black-ish, you missed LIFE!

Right out the gate, their first episode back entitled “The Word” tackled the N-word. And on everything, they weren’t preachy about it at all. They handled it in the most hilarious way, while still calling out the horrible history of the word, the recent uses of the word, and the argument about whether Black people should ever say it.

This has to be our favorite episode so far and here are a few reasons why:

1. They ain’t never scared. So many props go out to the Black-ish writers for having the fearlessness and the skills to focus an entire episode on the N-word, while keeping things all the way 100 — and still making us LOLOLOLOLOL.

2. Diane’s shade-throwing game is back and better than ever. “I’m taking some pretty heavy heat. Just trying to deal with the shame you brought upon this family. But, enough about me…”

3. Yara maintains her #hairgoals status with her gorgeous box braids. And that hair flip, tho.

Check out the ground-breaking episode here and tell us what you think in the comments below!



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