This Makeup Line Would Legit Be Hot Like Fire

By Andréa Butler

Recently, MAC Cosmetics announced that it was developing a makeup line inspired by the late singer, Selena, to be launched next year — and it was a direct result of this petition. That got Aaliyah fans thinking the same thing should be done to honor her. After all, MAC was ‘Liyah’s fave brand.

With just 20 days until the 14th anniversary of Aaliyah’s death (August 25), #AaliyahForMac has begun to go viral and the petition has received 2,078 signatures at the time of this post. MAC even gave props to the hashtag letting supporters know they were heard loud and clear.

So, what would an Aaliyah-inspired makeup collection possibly look like? The petition suggests eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, and powder, among other things. We’re down for that and would completely be here for product names that matched her song titles. Wouldn’t it be bomb to rock a lip color called “4 Page Letter,” blush named “Down With the Clique,” and eye shadow the shade of “If Your Girl Only Knew”?

Tell us what you think about a possible MAC tribute to Aaliyah in the comments below! Would you cop that collection? What product names would you come up with? 



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