Amandla Stenberg Comes for Kylie and Her Cornrows

Amandla Stenberg isn’t afraid to keep things all the way 100 and yesterday, Kylie Jenner was the one who was schooled. After Kylie Instagrammed a pic of herself in cornrows with the caption, “I woke up like disss,” her comments started to blow up and many of them were calling her out for cultural appropriation. Perhaps seeing it as a dis to Black girls everywhere, Amandla came ready with the clap back:


And who can blame her and the others?

For the past couple of years, the mainstream media has been hailing cornrows as some new style that white girls started. (BTW, a French braid is NOT just one big cornrow and what’s up with this dis: “Cornrows are moving away from urban, hip-hop to more chic and edgy.” Boo- boo, Black people rockin’ cornrows have been slaying for centuries!) Marie Claire even went so far as to rename cornrows by calling them “undercut braids.” Huh?

The mainstream media also likes to think that big butts are a new trend. (Vogue basically said that Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” was ahead of its time, saying “Still, it would be another decade before people were ‘ready for this jelly’ to become the ultimate standard of beauty.” They clearly missed the fact that bootyliciousness has been a standard of Black beauty for forever.)

It’s cool for other cultures to appreciate (not appropriate) and try styles, slang, etc. from differing cultures. It’s when those people start to stake claim on the culture and at the same time reject other aspects that come along with representing that culture like racism, stereotypes, police brutality, etc., that it becomes a problem.

What do you think of Amandla’s comments about Kylie’s cornrows and photo caption? Tell us in the comments below!

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