#LikeWhet?! Fan Goes Overboard, Breaks Into Chris Brown’s House, and Wrecks Shop

It’s one thing to fangirl hard over your celeb crush(es) — and a whole other thing to take your obsession to the next level and break into said celeb crush’s house, wreck shop, and fall asleep in his bed. You are not Goldilocks, honey, and that storyline will not end well. Breezy, not having any clue who this girl even is, immediately called the cops who showed up and arrested her for felony burglary and felony vandalism, according to TMZ.

Besides breaking in and apparently staying a few days (she’d cooked up some meals), the 21-year-old had taken a selfie in Chris’s robe and had also spray painted “Mrs. Brown”  on all of Chris’s cars and the words “I Love You” on his countertops. Check out Chris’s reaction below:



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