Put A (Septum) Ring On It

ICYMI, septum rings are making a comeback. Popular in African and Middle Eastern countries for fo’eva, these swanky accessories have recently become en vogue for your favorite celebs. After Rihanna premiered her faux piercing last summer, just about every month since, a new star’s been seen rockin’ the real thing (but clip-ons are just as trendy, especially if your parents give you the side-eye for even asking).

From barbell designs to simple hoops, septum rings are an easy way to give your style a chic switch up. For a little inspiration, check out how Alix Lapri, Imani Hakim, Sydney Park, and Jordin Sparks show off their style below:





Would you rock a septum piercing? Are you feelin’ the celeb septum piercings you’ve seen? (Also, is it just us or does anyone else kinda dislike the actual word “septum”?)  Tell us in the comments below!

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