This is What Happens When Beyoncé Thinks You Slay

Who run the world?

Pretty soon, these girls will — well, at least when it comes to the music side. As The New York Daily News tells it, Beyoncé has offered three teen girls multiyear recording contracts with her company, Parkwood Entertainment. Two of those girls — Chloe (17) and Halle (15) Bailey — are YouTubers who saw their internet fame skyrocket when their a capella rendition of Bey’s song, “Pretty Hurts” went viral last year.

If the deal goes through, this duo could get around 60 G’s + advances, making them about a mili if they record at least 6 albums. ‘Guess Bey wasn’t playin’ when she sang, “I’m reppin’ for the girls who taking over the world” because when Queen Bey says you slay, she not only gives you props, but also gets you signed!

Check out the video that started this ball rollin’ below:


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