Trevor Jackson Fan Slays Promposal Using Lyrics From Singer’s Hits

“Hey there, Trevor Jackson, can I call you Trev?” asks ATL high school senior Kelli Parker (AKA Kelli Amirah) in the opening of her promposal video, as she chills on a lounge chair reading Freakonomics. “I’m not tryna pressure you and I’m not just tryna get with you,” she continues. “I was just wondering what you’re doing later, you know, hoping that you’ll fall through. Hold on, I guess first, you gotta know my name.” 

For the next few minutes, Kelli flawlessly drops lyric after lyric as she takes us through her day — and her reasons why Trevor should say yes. “I’m from Atlanta and so of course my prom is gonna be turnt, like what!” To wrap things up, Kelli ends with, “Me likey what I see, so Trevor will you go to prom with me?” 

Peep the entire video below:

What do you think of her promposal? Have you ever asked a celebrity to prom in this way? Rap about it in the comments below!

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