Aye, Yo. Oh Yes. Coco Jones Drops Video for “Let ‘Em Know”

Are you the girl who always crushes on bae from afar? Well, your 2015 anthem is finally here! Yesterday, our spring cover girl, Coco Jones, dropped the video for her newest single, “Let ‘Em Know.” (And we’ve already watched it at least 42 times. Don’t judge us. We are just so here for this!)

With her bomb vocals, she slays lyrics like:

Oh Baby, I ain’t used to tellin’ anyone the way I feel.
Sometimes you just gotta let ’em know, ‘Hey, what’s the deal.’
If I want you, I’ll let you know.
You want the truth, I’ll let you know.
And If I’m liking what I see then I might let you next to me.

Put this track on replay and there’s no way you won’t get hyped to tell baby from second block biology that you’re into him. If you’re feeling really courageous, round up your girls, nail down this video’s dope choreography, and turn your revelation into an all-out event. (Promposal, anyone?) 

BONUS: At the 2:11 mark, a certain (very cute) celebrity someone makes a cameo!! (Hmmm wonder if she’s tryna let US know something…)

What do you think of Coco’s new video? Will it be your new anthem for the year? Tell us in the comments below!

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