5 Ways to Stay Paid This Summer

Unless you have a serious hookup, you’re going to need major bank to finance the next few months of fun. Here are five ways to keep you paid:

5.  Stick With What You Know. Are you the bombest kid-wrangler around? Look into working at a summer camp or day care. Baking skills A-1? Try putting in that work at your local cupcakery. You’ll have fun doing what you love and stack cash to spend (and save) for later.

4. Keep an Open Mind. Discounts on your favorite labels and lots of free food aren’t the only perks to flipping burgers or folding clothes — these jobs are also great because bosses at these spots are usually willing to work with your schedule, and most importantly, are willing to hire and train those with little to no experience.

3.  Call in Reinforcements. You may roll your eyes every time your parents tell you, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” but truth is, they’re actually right. The job search will be much easier if you utilize your connects. Let your parents, neighbors, and friends know you are looking for a job, and ask them to refer you to any possible leads.

2.  Make it Fun. Put effort into finding a job you will actually enjoy: If you love movies, apply at the theater. If you love riding roller coasters, work at the closest amusement park. Bonus: You’ll also receive perks like free movie screenings and free admission to the park.

1. Do It Big. Always go above and beyond during the application process. Even if you’re applying to work at an athletic store or outdoor park, you still need to show up for your interview dressed professionally and fresh to death, of course.




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