Brokenhearted? 10 Songs to Help You Deal

Sometimes love sucks.

(Hey, we like to keep things 100.)

It’s especially hard when holidays like Valentine’s Day roll around and all you see at school are girls carrying teddy bears, roses, heart-shaped boxes of candies, and whatever else their boo thang got them to flaunt around from class to class to class, rubbing their love all up in your personal space and what not.

Ok, sure you’re happy for them — many of those girls are your legit BFFs, after all — but you also can’t help but wonder, “Where’s my bae?” “Why did my ex-boyfriend decide to quit things?” “Can I please just stay home and hide under the covers until [insert holiday here] is over?”

We feel you. Our suggestion? Add these songs to your playlist and cry it out. And when February 14, Christmas, cuffing season, or shoot, tomorrow, arrives, vow to spend the day with people you care about the most. Just because you don’t have a romance at the moment, doesn’t mean you’re not surrounded with love.

(And if you have to listen to this playlist more than a few times, no shame. Do you, boo, and then, keep it movin’.)



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