5 Signs He’s More Than Just a Friend

Between his flirty smiles and one-word texts, you can never quite tell what your crush is thinking — until now. Check out these 5 ways to tell if your guy BFF might want to be more than just that.

5. He always finds a way to touch you: It can be as simple as a playful punch or as subtle as fixing a stray hair.

4. He wants to know the little things:  If he asks about your likes, your wants, your family, etc., he’s probably interested — and using all that newfound knowledge to plan the perfect date.

3. He makes an excuse to talk to you: He texts you just to say, “Hi,” or asks you for homework help, even when he’s better at the subject than you!

2. He makes time for you: He trades hangin’ with his boys for movie night with you, and drops by your house on the way to his weekend ball games — even if your house is not really “on the way.”

1. He’s always there: By supporting you through fights with friends, helping you study for that history test, or laughing with you at your latest mishap, your guy BFF is showing you he’s worthy of a more serious title. 

Of course, there’s only one way to know for sure: Find the courage and ask!

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