No Date for Prom? 11 Reasons Not to Worry

Thinking of skipping out on prom because you’re dateless? Girl, bye. Going to prom solo doesn’t mean you’re pathetic — it means your smart enough not to sacrifice fun for tradition, and fabulous enough to have a good time on your own.

And just in case you need more convincing, here are 11 more reasons:

11. You don’t have to make compromises. Everything from your dress color to the dinner menu is up to you.

10. You can set your own schedule. No more worrying over late arrivals or his mama’s hour-long picture session. If you go solo, you can spend the entire day as you please.

9.  You won’t risk boy drama spoiling your night. There’ll be no disappointment over a date not complimenting your dress, or telling you you have too much makeup on, or refusing to dance with you — the only person who can affect your good time is you.

8. You can make it a girls’ night. Guess who won’t have to divide her attention between the besties and the boy? Yep, you.

9. You can dance to your own beat. Switch dance partners every song or rock out on your own.

8. You won’t have anyone to impress. There’s no pressure to be a good date or look gorgeous the entire night. Break a sweat on the dance floor or eat the last dessert — there is no one to judge.

7. You won’t worry about after-prom pressure. Lots of guys going to prom have only one thing on their mind: what can happen after. Going solo ensures you don’t have to deal with pressure to do anything you don’t want to.

6. You owe nothing to anyone. Sometimes, when you split the bill with someone they expect something in return. If you pay your own way, you get to do things your way.

5.  You will have a chance to pamper yourself. Date or no date, every girl deserves the opportunity to buy a new dress and get all dolled up. Do it big: Get a prom night makeover and relax during a pre-dance mani/pedi.

4.  You can take silly photos. Instead of recreating the traditional awkward prom pictures, grab your girlfriends and make your poses as silly as possible.

3. You can avoid the awkward blind dates. Don’t be one of those girls who spends prom trying to get to know her date instead of enjoying herself. Trust, you’ll have a much better time with your good friends.

2. You can be the girl everyone notices. You’ll stand out — but for all the right reasons. Everyone will admire how confident and independent you are for flying solo. And how amazing you look in that dress, of course.

1. You won’t miss out on the memories. Prom is a once-in-a lifetime thing that everyone should experience. Don’t miss out on it because you have no one’s hand to hold.


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