Find Love: 5 Dating Resolutions for the New Year

You may not have begun the year with a midnight smooch, but that doesn’t mean the next 12 months – or even the next 30 days – won’t bring true love into your life. Whether you’re looking for a new boo, or you just want to repair the relationship you’re already in, put these resolutions into play and watch love blossom.

5. Don’t Be Too Eager

Everyone wants a special someone, but don’t let your longing for love force you into the arms of a guy who just isn’t right for you. If you rush into any old relationship without taking the time to get to know the person, things could end quickly and badly.

4. Expand Your Options

So your Mr. Perfect has to look just like Drake, be the starter of the basketball team, and have his own car? Girl, bye. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming about your celeb crushes, but don’t forget about all the great guys in the real world. If you’re willing to scratch a few demands off your list, you’re bound to find someone who can make you happy. It sure beats pining away for an out-of-reach  Hollywood cutie.

3. Grow Together

Having similar interests is a great starting point, but it’s not enough to ensure you and the boo will make it to 2014. The best way to make your love last is to create lots of new memories and traditions together. Make new rituals for celebrating birthdays and holidays. Find new hobbies to practice together. If you both want to try out cooking, take turns helping each other make the other person’s favorite meal on date night . Taking time out to build a history together and share fun activities is a great way to add meaning to an already strong attraction.

2. Be Open to Fun

It might seem like you’ve been ready for a serious relationship since, like yesterday, but the truth is that your single time is the best excuse to focus all your energy on discovering what really makes you, you. One way to do that is to go on lots of different dates without expecting them to blossom into something serious — what better way to find out what you do and do not like in a guy?

1.  Take Care of You

Happy people are attracted to other happy people. Make sure you’re genuinely satisfied with yourself and your life before attempting to share it with others. That way, your self-confidence isn’t tied to a boy — or anything else beyond your control.

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